General Dentistry & Restorative Dentistry

Star Ranch Dental offers a complete array of general dentistry services for all your dental needs. We offer these general and restorative services: Routine Checkups and Gentle Cleanings Regular exams and hygiene care are the key to an ongoing level of ideal oral health. Tooth Colored Fillings (White Fillings) Restore your teeth to a healthy state that looks natural and clean. Periodontal Therapy (for gum disease) Treat irritated or bleeding gums with a team experienced in fighting perio disease. Porcelain Crowns Restore and protect broken down teeth with the most naturally beautiful option. Dental Bridges Close a gap created by missing teeth. Dental Implants Replace missing teeth with restorations that are just like your own natural teeth. Root Canal Therapy Clean out infection in a tooth and seal it to prevent further decay. Dental Bonding Restore broken or chipped teeth with tooth-colored material that looks natural.