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I’ve been going to SRD forever and it is the absolute best ever. More like a relaxing spa than a dentist office.

Marietta D.

I have been going to Star Ranch Dental for over a 
year and they are simply amazing. I have never been 
to a better facility…

John R.

Dr. Peter Barnett - Dentist - Plano, TXDr. Peter Barnett

Dr. Barnett provides almost 40 years of experience and knowledge into his care of our patients. His philosophy is that all dentistry is cosmetic dentistry – with the goal of giving patients results that are not only functional but are also appealing to the eye. Dr. Barnett offers a level of expertise and experience our patients have come to rely on – and so can you. Learn More

Dr. Courtney Geiger - Dentist - Plano, TXDr. Courtney Geiger

Dr. Geiger is always amazed at how a smile can transform a person’s well-being. She enjoys seeing the confidence a beautiful smile can give a person. She has been the recipient of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Award for Excellence for her achievements in cosmetic dentistry, as well as The Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry Award. Learn More

Star Ranch Dental

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Plano, TX 75093
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Excellent as always! Great to see your friendly, happy and positive minded staff. It’s now more than 10 years of exceptional care and dental advice. You are like family and I never thought I’d say this of any medical provider but it’s true — heart felt thanks.


The service level here is always high. I’m big on promptness, respect and being greeted. Dr. Barnett and his team consistently goes above and beyond with their service level. Also, this dental office looks more like a spa rather than your typical dim and dark dental office…I highly recommend this Dentist.


Had my first visit to Star Ranch Dental office today – what an amazing experience! One would normally not call a dental visit amazing, particularly if like me, dental visits cause anxiety (primarily because of a bad experience at another clinic years ago). Courteous, jovial, professional, and the actual work itself – flawless and painless! Dr. Geiger was awesome, and Charity was extremely understanding and pleasant, ensuring I was feeling ok every step of the way. I would highly recommend Star Ranch Dental office to anyone new to the area, or looking for a new dental office. Thank you for a phenomenal experience, and for taking care of me today!


I love Dr. Barnett and the entire staff! They are always friendly and welcoming!!


Everyone here is friendly and courteous from the moment you arrive. This visit Tania got me ready for Dr. Geiger. She was really gentle as she worked on me. Dr. Geiger came in, we went over my options and she went to work. Her passion is obvious. Her attention to detail is evident in the result. I could not be more pleased. Star Ranch is a great experience!


Our Philosophy of Care is Built Upon 3 Core Pillars

People first – patients next.

You are not just a number, or patient on our schedule. We strive to meet every person under our care with genuine interest in becoming a friend, advocate and partner on their chosen path to optimal health.

Excellence, defined continuously.

The vision for our practice began with the desire to truly change the healthcare experience for our patients. Today, this still drives everything we do.

Happy Smile, Happy Life!

Something amazing happens when a person is in control of their health  – and they know it. A healthy smile creates confidence and opportunity. We are committed to getting every patient there, for life.

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The correlation between our oral health and what’s happening throughout the body is beyond what most people understand – and our goal is to change that for our patients. It is our passion, but even more we find it our responsibility, to offer advanced and compassionate care that goes far beyond what you may typically find at “the dentist”.